Set the mood at your next gathering, be it a romantic evening or family celebration with a new variation on the traditional table candle. As our square table candles burn, the crown embraces the flame of the candle. Available in a whole palette of colors to match any decor.

Scented Holiday

A variety of striped candles fragranced to evoke warm holiday memories. Our candy cane striped candle is scented with peppermint. The green ribbon striped candle is scented with cinnamon and our traditional striped candle is scented with the pleasing aroma of holiday spice.

Unscented Holiday

A pleasing variety of striped candles that take their inspiration from a favorite childhood treat. Bring the holiday spirit and light to your festive gathering. Unscented so that it complements your holiday decor without adding to an already scent-filled occasion.

Drip Sticks

The Dadant Drip Stick is truly a one-of-a-kind candle! They create a unique and colorful new candle every time they are burned. This popular candle is designed to promote even dripping and coverage. We suggest you burn on a non-flammable surface with plenty of room – it is a Drip Stick!